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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Pete & Bridgette! Wow, we can't believe it has been 10 years already. You both seem as happy and as much in love as when you first met. May you both have many, many more years together.
Patricia & Lynn Rogler, Massachusetts

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Pete and Bridgette!

Kathy Davies

Unknown said...


10 years sure has gone by fast. Wishing you all the happiness possible.

Enjoy it all,

Jane Auburn, CA

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a Wonderful and Happy Anniversary!
All the Best of Life to you!

Mary Lee Longo
New Jersey

Unknown said...

Dear Pete and Bridgette,
Happy Anniversary! Have a wonderful day together! We wish you health, happiness and love always.
Ed and Anna Correale
New Jersey

Anonymous said...

To a wonderful couple, Pete and Bridgette:
Congratulations on your 10th Wedding Anniversary!

With love and best wishes from
Cynthia, Nottinghamshire, England

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Pete and Bridgette!
It's hard to believe it's your 10th Anniversary.
My wish is that you'll be blessed with many years
of health and happiness.
Love and Best Wishes from
Beverly, LaGrange park, Illinois

Philip said...

Dear Pete and Bridgette, doesn't time passes by so quickly? Reading the news archive in from 10 years ago brought back a lot of good memories. I encourage you to visit the page from time to time.

With warmest wishes for your anniversary.

Philip (Hong Kong)

Anonymous said...

May you reach your Golden anniversary wth joy and love!
Dominican Republic

Anonymous said...

Happy 10th Anniversary Pete and Bridgette may you continue to be happy, healthy and in love for many, many more years to come! Best Wishes and much love always, Georgia Christoforou, United Kingdom xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Congratuations and Best Wishes for a happy life together...
Marianne Bolduc
Demarest, NY

Gloria de Gaston said...

Dear Pete and Bridgette,

Congratulations on a wonderful ten years of marriage - hasn't it gone by so quickly? Wishing you two many more decades of a wonderful partnership and family life; may all your dreams come true.

Gloria de Gaston
Reston, VA

Anonymous said...

Dear Pete & Bridgette,

Wishing you decades more of happiness together.


Anonymous said...

Dear Pete and Bridgette,

Wishing you A Very Happy 10th Anniversary.

May you spend a lifetime together in married bliss!

May the years ahead be filled with love, health, happiness, success and prosperity for you and your family.

Mumbai, India

Anonymous said...

Dear Pete and Bridgette,
Congratulations on the tenth anniversary of your wedding day! May true love be with you every day of your lives.
With all best wishes for a lifetime of happiness,
New York

Anonymous said...

Dear Bridgette and Pete

I wish you a happy 10th anniversary (aluminium) of your wedding day. Indulge yourself a romantic day.

Please always remember The Beatles: All you need is love!

André Fischer from Berlin, Germany

Anonymous said...

Dear Pete and Bridgette,

Congratulations on your 10th wedding anniversary and I wish you both a very wonderful day with your family and friends :-) May your anniversary be as perfect for you as the two of you are for eachother! and may your special day be happy and may the future, too, be filled with everything in life that means the most to you.

Jane Nixon, Hertfordshire, England

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