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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Christian!
I hope you have a really great day and a fun party! Bless you and have a terrific year with
good health and great fun!
Beverly Fitzgerald
LaGrange Park, Illinois

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to a special young man!
Have a brilliant day Christian, and a happy, healthy year ahead.

With love and best wishes from

Cynthia Smith, Nottinghamshire, England

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Christian! Hope you have a wonderful day!
Kathy Davies
Clintonville, Wisconsin

Anonymous said...

Hi Christian,
We hope you have a very happy birthday. Have lots of fun!
Patricia & Lynn Rogler, Massachusetts

From Joy... said...

Hi Christian,

Eight years old, wow, seems like just the other day you were a little guy laughing and playing with your parents. I hope your day is filled with lots fun, of presents, games, cake and ice cream. May your year be filled with all the good things that 8 year olds enjoy.

We love you....
Joy Parker, Missouri

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